Welcome to Arkisafe

Arkisafe distributes and supplies a range of products that are characterized by being suicide-preventive and preventing self-harm and violence.

Arkisafe is committed to building an assortment of products that are tailor-made and tested to integrate into the interior design and everyday life of the Criminal Care, Psychiatry, Residential, and other places where design with insight, knowledge and commitment can contribute to a better and more normalized everyday life.

We continuously develop our product range, as always seen in our product section.

Arkisafe is part of Arkitex, which has provided curtains and sun protection for both the public and private business markets for more than 30 years. We offer everything in new acquisitions of curtains, rolling and pleated curtains, blinds and darkening, sun and safety films. In addition, solutions for exterior sun protection such as awnings and screens as well as maintenance and service.

Our employees are all experienced professionals with a wide range of competencies, which means we are able to solve large and complex tasks that call for professionalism, logistics and resources.

We have the daily pleasure of working with many clients in psychiatry and, under the name of Arkisafe, have added a unique range of products, all of which aim to reduce the number of incidents of suicide attempts, personal injury and employee violence.

The products are all designed, developed and produced by leading companies, who specializes in the design and production of unique suicide-preventive products.

You are always welcome to contact us on phone 44971188 for further information or offer.

Sales & Project Management

Arkisafe Morten Løvenskjold

Morten Løvenskjold

Sales & product development

Mail: morten@arkisafe.dk
Mobile: +45 2886 6666

Cornelia Løvenskjold

Key Account Manager

Mail: cornelia@arkisafe.dk
Mobile: +45 2680 4848

Gry Krogholt

Sales Coordinator

Mail: gry@arkisafe.dk
Mobile: +45 2895 3337