The unique design of the suicide resistant curtain rail allows for more safe and normalized physical environments in risk settings . A normalized physical environment is suggested to contribute to a better healing process.

Varenummer: JT-251

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The curtain rail has a unique profile design without edges, and the mounting with safety screws makes it impossible to get it down, or attach something to it.

Curtains are placed on the profile with custom-made brackets that are distinguished by loosening by weight.

One hook loosens at a maximum of 1.5 kg. load and a curtain with 20 hooks with a maximum of 16.7 kg. row.

The load needed to flip the curtain down ensures that you can not hang in the curtain and partly because the staff can easily set up the curtain – completely free of cost to external craftsmen / installers.

Employees also benefit from the fact that the solution does not include loose parts that can be destroyed or used for self-injury or used as weapons.

The solution is designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden by James & Thedin AB and comes in three versions: a wall mounted, a ceiling mounted and a 90 degree bend bathroom bar.

The price is stated per. meters