Ryno dining chair, white

Ryno Dining Chair is part of our furniture series, which, with a unique design and quality, helps to create a normal and safe environment within both psychiatry and criminal care. With the unique design and the possibility of more colors, they contribute to a normalized everyday life.

The Ryno series also includes dining tables and lounge chairs

Varenummer: PA-1RYD-50-AW

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The Ryno lounge chair is part of our Pineapple furniture series, with a unique design and quality designed for use in challenging environments. The range is wide and wide and addresses all needs, including psychiatry, prisons, educational institutions, nursing homes, airports, public buildings, etc.

With their unique designs and colors, they contribute to a normalized everyday life.

  • Durable construction of durable polyethylene provides excellent strength
  • Weight of approx. 75 kg. ensures the chair in relation to unintentional use
  • Antimicrobial material provides protection throughout the product – not just on the surface
  • UV resistant and waterproof properties make it ideal for outdoor use (applies to non-padded variants)
  • Strength and stability test for 500,000 cycles of serious contract use (BS EN 16139: 2013 Level 2)
  • Complies with fire safety standards UL94 HB and British Standard 5852: 2006 ignition source 5
  • Ergonomically designed to provide excellent comfort
  • The chair measures h780 x w600 x d760 (mm).
  • Seat height is 420 mm.
  • The chair is also available in a lightweight model of 15 kg.
  • Ryno Dining Table Chair is available in many colors and can also be provided with upholstery.

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